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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Salesforce Lightning

The performance of a customer relationship management (CRM) platform is always measured by how it is perceived by end users and rightly so. This is simply because it is the user experiences that ultimately define whether or not end users will adapt to harnessing the platform. It is for these and many more reasons that user interfaces that somehow lack alluring features and are choppy tend to fall by the wayside over a period of time. For instance, Salesforce — one of the world’s leading providers of CRM and Cloud solutions — recently updated its platform by introducing the Salesforce Lightning Experience to replace its less visually satisfying and duller Salesforce Classic mode.


Over the years, Salesforce Classic proved itself as the optimal platform for developers across the world. It was admired globally for providing CRM solutions with supervision and governance. However, more and more companies are now switching from SF Classic to SF Lightning for obvious reasons. 

Salesforce Lightning is the talk of the town for reasons good enough to help entrepreneurs and decision makers go for it. Wondering why? Lightning provides organizations with a wide array of advanced features, the intuitive home page, detailed insights, and easy-to-use and powerful dashboards. You might be thinking, “Is this the right time for me to switch from Classic to Lightning?” Honestly, this isn’t an easy question to answer as every organization has different sets of requirements and resources. Moreover, each organization uses Salesforce in a completely different way but we can surely simplify the journey of our understanding of the differences between the two (Classic and Lightning) by giving a close look at both.

  1. Improved Visual Reporting  Are your reports and dashboards not good enough to evoke the attention of your leadership team? Nothing to worry about! With Lightning, everything is easy and streamlined. There is no need for your teams to evaluate new apps or face the trauma and pain of data migration as Salesforce Lightning provides a modern, appealing, and fresh-looking skin on your customer relationship management without hassles.
  2. Better User Experience   The biggest advantage of Lightning is the enhanced experience for end users. For instance, administrators can make use of the improved drag-and-drop feature that does not require the code. They can easily rearrange the components of a page according to their preferences instead of collaborating with developers to create or edit a Salesforce page. 
    In other words, the components of Lightning bring an abrupt and much-awaited end to the constant need for Visualforce. It is primarily because coding is just the first step in the process of development as the code is then required to be tested before getting deployed. The code is sent back to the developer if there were any unforeseen or missed bugs or concerns and the process then starts over. Salesforce Lightning eliminates these types of unwanted procedures from the development process.
  3. Activity timeline and workspace page layout  Lightning comes with a timeline for guiding users to keep an easy track of their activity history for each lead or account. Moreover, users are empowered to design a wide range of pages, from Apps pages to Record pages as against only one basic type of page with Salesforce Classic.
  4. Optimized mobile experience  Lightning is empowered with a mobile-optimized and upgraded user interface that allows users to maintain and access their business and activities anytime and from anywhere. The best thing is that users may stay in a disconnected mode and get synced as soon as they are connected again.
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  5. Transform your apps  Using your CRM, you don’t have to be a tech geek or a hardcore developer to build applications with Lightning. All you need is to simply drag and drop the components of Lightning to build the computer and mobile applications or even tweak pages in Lightning Experience.
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Cloud Analogy, as a premier Salesforce Development Company, is a huge fan of Lightning (undoubtedly, we are) but your decision to switch from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning is all your choice. We understand that this verdict may sound to you like a perfect cop-out answer but we do understand that every organization is different and so are its requirements and circumstances. With that being said, Cloud Analogy is right there to help you if you decide to migrate from Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning.


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