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Get Started with Einstein for Marketing Cloud

What do you think Salesforce Marketing Cloud is? How can it help you with your business?

Coming to what Marketing Cloud is, it is a platform for businesses to set out a relevant and personalized journey for customers via any device and any channel. It is done through email marketing, social media, content marketing, and digital media. 

Social media marketing includes promoting your website or products on various platforms such as Instagram and LinkedIn to drive traffic to your website. Internet marketing comprises blogs, articles, press releases, social media optimization, Google AdWords, etc. Digital marketing comprises all of this in general, including using new techniques for mobile marketing.

Marketing Cloud has become more like a ‘virtual office.’ It also provides metrics, data analysis of the traffic on your website, demographics, and other relevant information. Some popular tools used for identifying conversions include Journey Builder, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Moz Pro, etc. For instance, if a customer is visiting your website for furniture, but he/she leaves the site after viewing the options or after putting them in the cart, you can use Google Analytics to find out the reason why he/she left the site, where he/she is going to after viewing your site and instantly you can offer the person with a discount coupon via emails. 

Before the advent of the Marketing Cloud, Digital marketing was something different. Businesses had to rely upon different mediums of communication and data storage and there was a risk of data loss. Moreover, it was difficult for businesses to extract the information of customers and the reasons for traffic diversion to their website. The conversion used to get scattered on various platforms. 

For Internet marketers, cloud computing is changing the media and content of what is marketed. Marketing providers and organizations are forced to launch new products and services that change the way their markets manage their IT assets.

Marketing specialists now have access to new technology tools that use a wide range of cloud applications, allowing them to transform their marketing campaigns using web-based platforms and infrastructure. 

Internet marketing specialists are always looking for leads to make more sales, and the career is the first to adapt to cloud computing because it saves time and money. The more the customer base converts to cloud computing, the greater the pressure on marketers to become more efficient, innovative, and do more with less. People lose their jobs and income quickly when they can’t produce results, so those who can do the job and spend less money will survive.

Benefits of Marketing Cloud

* Reduces cost – online analytics tools are usually free of cost and are easy to use. They can ease the way of identifying the demographics of traffic on your website. 

*Implementation process is easy – Einstein for Marketing Cloud is an easy-to-use system that doesn’t require any installation charges or process. You just require an Internet connection to get started. And all the data is stored in one place. 

*Increases Mobility – with all the data stored at one place, anyone within the organization can have access to it anytime and anywhere. 

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