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Latest Developer Tools from Salesforce Commerce Cloud

The Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly Demandware, is one of the eight product clouds that make Salesforce an intelligent and smarter Customer Success Platform.

Commerce Cloud, as a part of Salesforce the world’s #1 CRM platform, drives customer success and provides the ability to build great experience across all channels of marketing, commerce, and service. With Salesforce Commerce Cloud, businesses deliver seamless shopping experience whenever consumers interact with their brand. They want to deepen their relationships with their consumers by helping them connect easily with products, information, and unique experiences.

The latest AI-powered tools of Salesforce Commerce Cloud intend to deliver premium branded experiences from anywhere, easily and efficiently.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud Platform provides click-based, low-code tools and customizable templates to move your eCommerce online store higher, execute the code faster, and offer great and engaging shopper experiences.

Tools from Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Now let’s have a look at the latest innovative tools:

Latest Innovative Tools

Heroku Solution Kits

Heroku Solution kits is a cloud-based, fully managed platform that empowers developers to build, run, and operate world-class business applications within the cloud. Fortunately, three different solution kits are available for utilizing Heroku and Commerce Cloud to deliver the best possible unified eCommerce experience and maximize productivity.

Salesforce with Commerce Cloud gives brands the advantage of developing apps faster with lightning components and seamless integration with commerce data from the Commerce Cloud. In other words, a brand can develop immersive apps with advanced features like social media integration, discount alerts, chatbot engagements with customer service agents, etc. using the Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

These solution kits provide few guidelines and best practices for brands to develop commerce apps for common purposes:

Mobile Application – Develop custom, native mobile apps for the Commerce Cloud and scale it easily in Heroku to interact with shoppers anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Web Storefront App – Develop tailor-made interactive storefront experience in Heroku to position your brand and bring a unique experience to your store.

In-Store App – Build a consumer-oriented application on Heroku to enable store associates, unlock new inventory channels, and deliver seamless services to shoppers.

Integration of Heroku with the most popular developer’s tools and robust data services for building modern apps is perfect for developers to improve customer experience and promote their brand across different eCommerce channels.

The solution kits will assist developers to build personalized commerce experience efficiently with the use of frameworks and languages that are familiar to them.

On-demand Sandboxes For Developers

On-demand sandboxes offer developers an easy and efficient way to spin up a sandbox i.e. a testing environment for testing new and innovative AppExchange apps.

The advanced on-demand sandboxes for development teams are fully cloud-based in which no infrastructure is required and they can be generated or removed within minutes. Hence, they empower developers to respond to business requests rapidly and provide a faster and more seamless experience than ever before. Developers can obtain a sandbox by themselves to test new workflows, integrations, and customizations.

Developers spend less amount of time to build a test environment and more time and effort to deliver premium experiences. This is essential because eCommerce storefronts keep on evolving continuously due to the ever-evolving business needs and demands of customers. Project scope management and sticking to project timelines become clearer, more accurate, and more transparent by using on-demand sandboxes.

Furthermore, this eliminates the potential for friction between development and business teams, and generate more collaboration opportunities, allowing teams to build a rich and faster brand experience.

On-demand Sandboxes provide additional flexibility to the development team to accelerate business agility with innovations. Developer sandboxes can be spun up in a few minutes, increasing productivity and giving developers more consistency in the testing and implementation processes.

On-Demand Sandbox for developers is currently in the beta stage and will be accessible for general availability in Q3 2019.

Advanced Open Commerce API Interface - OCAPI Explorer

The fully-customized, modern architecture of Salesforce Commerce Cloud provides developers the direct access to their storefront code and third-party integrations. Commerce Cloud’s platform architecture is wrapped with a full set of Open Commerce APIs that enable external applications to interact with core commerce functionality like cart, checkout, search, etc.

It is possible for developers to work more efficiently with the advanced Open Commerce API interface. The OCAPI Explorer with easy-to-use user interface gives developers the potential to develop efficiently a one-stop-shop for all Commerce Cloud OCAPI APIs in a single portal.

Using the OCAPI Explorer, developers can get direct access to the integration into the Sandbox environments enables developers for testing and designing new digital experiences seamlessly and fastly.  It syncs with Salesforce DX principles and open-source software framework and helps developers test Commerce Cloud APIs efficiently within their environments.


All the above tools are introduced with a single purpose to help developers build smarter and great commerce experience efficiently. The latest advancements in the Commerce Cloud enable companies to deliver innovative commerce experiences into every customer touch-point across many channels. Salesforce Commerce Cloud a.k.a. Demand-ware empowers companies to connect with their customers in a whole new and innovative way..


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