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Heroku Solutions Kit for Commerce Cloud

Today, e-Commerce is growing exponentially and technology is eradicating borders. Commerce Cloud will help identify the target markets all around the globe and consequently identify the ROI opportunities. The first and foremost question that comes to our mind is “What is Commerce Cloud?” and how does it contribute towards revenue generation. 

There are many brands that choose Commerce Cloud – all in an effort to grow their businesses exponentially in this digital era. All in all, it all boils down to delivering Artificial Intelligence powered commerce experiences. This is something that is indeed lucrative for businesses as it leads to increased revenue generation. 

For the Salesforce Commerce Cloud, it is imperative for businesses to have a premium experience with Commerce Cloud, whenever the customer interacts with the brand. One thing that is important to remember here is that it is the customer behavior that shapes the entire Commerce experiences. But, it is difficult to predict the behavior, everywhere the shoppers are and where they are bound to be in the future. It is important to remove all the pain points of the retailers to move fast. 

Let us find more about how Commerce Cloud helps us.

How Beneficial is Salesforce Commerce Cloud?

Inherently, Commerce Cloud forms a part of the Salesforce Customer Success Platform. Commerce Cloud enables us to drive revenue and build loyalty by connecting commerce with sales, marketing, customer service, and more. 

The mobile-first capabilities will make you learn mobile commerce – inclusive of responsive design and one-touch payment. Moreover, Mobile shoppers comprise of more than 60 % of all site visits. Since most people interact with the brands for the very first time – on their mobile devices, the Commerce Cloud will enable us to carve out a digital strategy to embrace mobile commerce – to meet shoppers anywhere, any device. 

Furthermore. Commerce Cloud offers low-code, tools and templates and makes it possible to make your eCommerce storefronts, running at a faster rate. The code and the APIs ensure that the shopper experience delivered is highly engaging in nature.

Let us now talk about Heroku and its solution kit can be helpful for Commerce Cloud. 

Heroku is a cloud-based Platform as a service (PaaS) that helps to build, deploy, monitor, and scale world-class business applications. This is why Salesforce has come up with Heroku Solutions Kit for Commerce Cloud.

Let us now focus on finding more about Heroku Solutions Kit.

What is Heroku Solutions Kit?

The Heroku solution kits help build highly bespoke eCommerce experiences, desirable for the brands. This powerful combination of Commerce Cloud and Heroku serves to create Lighting fast apps for the same brands and at the same builds integration with data gathered from the Commerce Cloud. This is what helps the brands explore a wide array of possibilities such as discount alerts, chatbot engagements, customer service agents, and more such innovative features. And all these make it possible to create immersive apps.

Moreover, Heroku is integrated with popular developer tools, runtime for powering apps, embedded data services. This enables the developers to create e-commerce apps – promoting brands across touchpoints and enhancing the customer experience. The developers, with all their expertise on frameworks and languages, will love to create e-commerce apps – and all this is made possible with the solution kits, that too at a faster rate. Faster app development is what is desirable for customers, in this age of Agile development. 

The Heroku Solutions Kit is extremely beneficial to provide the best practices and guidelines to create e-commerce apps for use cases.

Some of the Use Cases on Commerce Apps

Mobile Web Storefront App

Build an engaging storefront experience with Heroku, matching your brand positioning and offering shoppers with personalised services. 

Mobile App

This is about creating a customised app for the Commerce Cloud, reaching out to consumers at all locations. 

In-store App

This is to empower store associates with a Commerce Cloud-based app on Heroku –  that opens inventories across all channels and provides personalised services for the modern-age shoppers. 

Tools Other than Heroku Solution Kits

Developers are always looking for ways and means to increase the efficiency of engaging commerce experiences and the tools are:

On-demand Sandboxes

If the developers are seeking to deliver innovations and connect with the clients at a faster rate, then the on-demand developer sandboxes exactly meet the purpose. This is beneficial for the developers for primarily two reasons- create or remove the on-demand developer sandboxes – in a few minutes and no infrastructure needed. 

However, there are other reasons too such as accurate and transparent scoping of projects and adhering to timelines.  Since the e-Commerce storefronts are in a state of flux – as per the business needs of the clients, the developers need to wait less and build a testing environment. This leads to higher collaboration between the development team and the business teams. It is important to build brand-rich experiences, at a faster rate. 

OCAPI Explorer

Commerce Cloud is based on an architecture that allows the developers to have direct access to storefront code and third-party integrations. The set of OCAPI (Open Commerce APIs) help the external applications to interface with core commerce functionalities of the likes of search, cart, products and more. 

Since speed is what matters with the developers OCAPI Explorer is a simple answer – to offer a simple interface for easy and quick browsing of Commerce Cloud. All this is done with a single portal. Explorer helps the developers access APIs at a faster rate, building new extensions and integrations. This is what builds innovative commerce experiences with continuous site improvements by building innovative e-commerce apps.


Commerce Cloud is chosen by many businesses to enhance their ROI, in this age of exponential growth of Commerce Cloud. The Heroku Solution kit combines Commerce Cloud with the power of Heroku, which is a Platform-as-a-service from Salesforce. This combination builds e-Commerce apps at Lightning fast speeds and integrates data from Commerce Cloud. The solution kit offers guidelines and best practices to the developers for enhancing customer experience and promoting brands across all touchpoints. 


Nitish Bharadwaj

Salesforce Principal Consultant | Chief Information Officer

Nitish Bhardwaj, a highly accomplished Salesforce Principal Consultant, is the Chief Information Officer with extensive experience in enterprise IT strategy & development, project contracting and negotiations, Business Relationship Management, and Budgeting and compliances. Nitish, a renowned Salesforce Certified Administrator and a CPQ specialist, is a person of great integrity, always keeps his commitments, and positive till the core. 

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