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How To Use Salesforce To Its Full Capacity

It’s one thing to gain access to Salesforce within your success-centric organization and a completely different thing to have the confidence that you are using the world’s number 1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform to its full capacity. It can be hard to break the surface and unlock the true potential of a CRM platform like Salesforce with so many powerful tools and incredible features in the offering.

How To Use Salesforce To Its Full Capacity

The best thing is that these advantages of Salesforce products, services, and capabilities are not just limited to multinational organizations. Startups, non-profit organizations, and different kinds of other profit-driven organizations can also reap the same advantages of Salesforce suite by hiring the services of a professional Salesforce Development Company like Cloud Analogy.

Salesforce is indeed affordable and customizable and the success of small and medium-sized enterprises is a huge proof of it.

Let me share the sales and service pricing of Salesforce products.

How To Use Salesforce To Its Full Capacity
How To Use Salesforce To Its Full Capacity

What if you find out that the Salesforce usage of your organization is well below the curve? The good news is that there is nothing to get disheartened about. It may take the assistance of a professional Salesforce Consultant and Salesforce Developer to fully capitalize on the different ways by which Salesforce can empower your teams.

Here are some time-tested strategies to develop a workable plan of action.

Identify Adoption Benchmarks

The first and foremost thing that you can do is to measure user adoption when it comes to accurately measure the effectiveness of a system or tool. You will need to find answers to questions such as: How many employees actually make use of the Salesforce platform? How fully and how often? Remember, it is critical to identify and select the appropriate benchmarks so that you will be in a better position to define under-utilization and success. If you have had already devoted sufficient time to choose the ideal metrics for measuring user adoption of your Salesforce platform, half of the battle is already won.

User Activity

The first metric that you should emphasize on is the login activity of employees of your organization who are using Salesforce on a daily basis. You will need to find out how often your employees are logging in Salesforce and whether or not users are updating records and contacts reliably and regularly. Moreover, it is important to ascertain whether the activities of an individual are in alignment and consistent with their roles and responsibilities.

A one-stop-shop for monitoring usage is provided by Salesforce Adoption Dashboards that include 42 powerful reports for monitoring what key features are used by team members, whether or not they log in, and how they update their responsibilities and accounts. The best thing is that you can take proactive steps for ensuring the success of your organization to stay ahead of the times and competition.

Quality of Data

The second metric to measure is data quality. Can you trust employees and users in your organization to enter data according to Salesforce best practices in a responsible way? Are your team members entering data related to critical fields with accuracy and detail? If your team members seem off the track, it is best to hone in on the quality and type of data in the existing records.

Team Productivity

While there is no harm in having one Salesforce guru in your team who knows the ins and outs of the game but it surely takes more than just one Salesforce expert to positively influence the profitability prospects of your organization. Can users and employees in your organization move beyond the entry steps in the context of basic data and contribute greatly to the goals of your entire team. Keeping a close tab on the productivity levels of your team may help you find out the pain points in user adoption.

You can get your teams to make the most out of Salesforce by integrating the best practices for user adoption, monitoring signs of success and failure, and establishing appropriate benchmarks. Once this can be done, you’ll be all set to reap the innumerable advantages of Salesforce to securely and efficiently manage your data and strengthen your customer relationships. Hire the best Salesforce Development Company, choose Cloud Analogy now!


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