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TensorFlow Enterprise Launched By Google Cloud

TensorFlow Enterprise Launched By Google Cloud

Google Cloud has introduced a cloud-based TensorFlow machine learning service, TensorFlow Enterprise, which includes enterprise-grade support and managed services.

TensorFlow Enterprise, which is based on the popular and open-source TensorFlow Machine Learning Library of Google, is positioned to help researchers with a bent for Machine Learning to accelerate the creation of deep learning and machine learning models and ensure the reliability and scalability of artificial intelligence applications. Google Cloud workloads can be scaled and compatibility tested.

The prominent features of TensorFlow Enterprise are:

  1. Enterprise-grade support, with version support for TensorFlow in the long term. Security patches and select bug fixes will be provided for specific versions for as long as three years. These versions will be supported on the Google Cloud with fixes and patches accessible in the TensorFlow code repo. Furthermore, “white-glove” services will be offered to cutting-edge customers that will feature engineer-to-engineer assistance from Google Cloud and TensorFlow teams at Google.
  2. Managed Services, with enterprises able to leverage cloud services like AI Platform and Kubernetes Engine.
  3. Cloud-scale performance, with Google Cloud offering a wide range of compute options for training and deploying models. Deep Learning Virtual Machines that are now generally available and Deep Learning containers in the beta stage are featured. Both products are available for Google’s Cloud TPU and Nvidia graphics processing units (GPU), for artificial intelligence. Meanwhile, TensorFlow Enterprise optimisations have increased data reading times by as much as three times.

The benefits of TensorFlow Enterprise can be explored by users by using the TensorFlow Enterprise Distribution on AI Platform Notebooks, AI Deep Learning VM Image, and AI Platform Deep Learning Containers.

A free trial of TensorFlow Enterprise, which is presently in the beta stage, is available on the Google Cloud website.


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